A complete bar in a barrel. Ideal  for outdoor / indoor entertainment Each Barrel Includes- 5 oak Wine Rack shelve for glasses and turntable for bottles    Bottle opener, indoor supports for optics with polymer wheels.Lights opti

 What a good way to entertain with a sound oak barrel refurbished from the top down to reclaim its hidden beauty and deep wood grain. Product available in golden oak with durable poly-utherane finish. Approx. height: 950mm    

Oak Barrel Coffee Table

A good way of showing off your wine collection and entertaining your guests.

Halve barrels with planters, small trees are ideal To enhance patios and reception areas These barrels can be used both indoors and outdoors With a varaity of uses. Product available in durable polyurethane finish. For outdoor use holes must be

 barrel Cooler on Stand

 Various Wine Cellars